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What are the top smart home trends in Phoenix?

December 05, 2022
Close-up of smart home security app.

Advancements in technology continue affect all facets of our lives, and that includes the security systems in our homes. Gone are the days of standard security systems that only warn you of an invasion. Instead, you now have fully integrated smart homes that not only provide protection, but also reduced energy bills and a wealth of convenience. While it’s true that smart homes have been a thing for a while now, they continue to evolve in a variety of ways. If you’re considering a change to your house, it’s a good time to review the current smart home trends in Phoenix.

Control your smart home with your voice

It wasn’t that far in the past when the standard, familiar keypad was the only option of interacting with your alarm system. Presently, you may direct many aspects of your smart home by just speaking a few words. Adaptable Vivint systems may be operated with vocalized commands through Amazon and Google smart speakers. Would you like to change the temperature and switch on the lights from the comfort of your couch? Merely say the words. You may even activate or deactivate your system and create your own custom activities. Here are some examples of the types of orders you may utilize:

  • Lock my doors
  • Turn on my lights
  • Close my garage door
  • Turn the AC down to 70 degrees
  • Turn the heat up two degrees

Nearly every part of your [life may be addressed in your Phoenix smart home

Transforming our everyday lives, home automation is a leading trend of smart home technology in Phoenix. Smart, adaptable devices like the ones installed by Vivint have unquestionably changed our routines, bringing both convenience and safety. Schedule your front entrance to lock or your smart lights to switch on at a particular moment every night. You may even have your doors unlock instantaneously when a smoke detector is set off, allowing you to depart rapidly.

If you’re looking to reduce energy costs to a greater extent, have your smart thermostat adjust automatically in the daytime when the house is empty. There are numerous possibilities to consider, all of which may be set up straight from the Vivint app on your smartphone. This easy remote access not only gives you the ability to customize settings, it also provides the chance to interact directly with devices like lights and locks regardless of your location.

Video doorbells are a big aspect of smart home technology in Phoenix

One of the leading smart home trends in Phoenix is the video doorbell. These multipurpose components give you both visual and audial access to whoever has arrived at your front door. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro does even more as it may display a vivid LED ring and blare a warning if it finds someone attempting to steal something on your porch. Other beneficial features include:

  • 180°x180° angle of viewing
  • Clear 1080p HDR images
  • Infrared night vision operation
  • Bi-directional audio
  • Video updates to your mobile device
  • Modifiable surveillance sectors to reduce false alarms

Incorporate the current smart home trends in Phoenix

Would you like to put these smart home technology ideas to use? Improve the efficiency, safety, and convenience of your home by consulting with a Vivint representative now. All you have to do is call (602) 755-6051 or fill out the ensuing form to get started on customizing your smart home.