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Your guide to smart lighting in Phoenix

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Do you ever wonder what Thomas Edison’s reaction would be to modern Phoenix smart lights? Beginning with his simple carbon-filament bulb, we currently enjoy home automation systems that can adjust all your home's light sources through your mobile device. However, before you run out and purchase the latest and greatest, do some research first, so you have a better understanding of what’s best for your lights.

Use the platform you're used to

Most systems work with several different platforms to control your smart lighting in Phoenix, but it makes sense to go with something you’re familiar with . For example, if you use an Android mobile device, you might prefer a system that functions in conjunction with Google. On the other hand, you might select your Echo which gives you the ability to incorporate spoken instructions with your speaker. Keep in mind, if you have a Vivint security and automation package, your smart light app will be available on the well-known platforms of Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Does it make sense to use a smart hub?

You might install a couple lights that connect straightforwardly with your current set up, but you will miss out on several safety and convenience advantages. Vivint’s Smart Home Automation is able to integrate into your home’s security when you require the best from your smart lighting.

You will find it worthwhile to connect to a hub system and associate your lighting with a smart doorbell, window sensors, or other automation and security equipment. By doing so your lights may be set up to instantly brighten when your exterior surveillance senses unusual movement. You can even have your lights lower or shut down completely while your security alarms arm at night.

You have control over your Phoenix smart lights

The ability to put your lights on a schedule is a top benefit of smart lighting in Phoenix. Practically every LED smart bulb can be managed in various manners, allowing you the versatility to illuminate or shut them down when you want. You may even have them run on a timer, activate them in conjunction with sunrise or sunset hours, or you can set various personalized routines to suit your lifestyle. By utilizing the Vivint smart home application, you can instruct your smart lights to do whatever you want and at the right time, including getting brighter or dimmer per a set routine.

Smart lighting reduces energy consumption and cost

LED smart lights lower your energy usage much more than what you previously had in your home and they don’t get hot when in use. You can also save money by utilizing a smart hub, built-in motion sensors, the Vivint cell phone app, or integrating with additional smart home components. You are able to create an ecosystem in your very own residence to use and save energy like you’ve never thought possible.

Add more automation components to your smart lighting

A primary advantage of the Vivint smart home concept is that it’s intended to be comprehensive, including a wealth of linked devices like doorbell cameras, smart locking systems, interior and exterior video cameras, integrated thermostats, garage door controls, and a multitude of additional features. Once you have authority over your home’s automation and protection, your home is more secure than ever before.

Explore Phoenix smart lighting from Vivint

When upgrading your traditional bulbs to versatile smart lights, you should check out what Vivint can do for you. Our smart home packages are designed to make your residence more secure and efficient while optimizing your day-to-day life. Just call (602) 755-6051 and request your smart home today!