Are Home Security Systems Worth It In Phoenix?

November 17, 2020
are security systems worth it in Phoenix

Installing a home alarm system has been heralded as a powerful way to help protect your home from break-ins and emergencies. However, hanging motion sensors and paying for monitoring can feel like a huge undertaking. You only want to invest time and money into something that actually guards your house, so is a home security system in Phoenix worth it?

Only you can decide that question. To help you, here's a list of aspects to think about when making the decision.

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Here’s Why A Home Security System Is Worth It In Phoenix

Sensors And Alarms Notify You To A Break-In

Once activated, your motion detectors, window and door sensors, and security cameras sit at the ready to quickly inform you of invasion. Alerts could come as a loud alarm bell or as a text on your mobile device. An Vivint monitoring professional will also answer any alarm.

If you don’t have a home security system, you might think you heard the sound of a door creaking. If you do, you’ll start to do that slow creep downstair to discover who’s there. If someone breaks in when you're not home, then you can’t find out until you walk through the front door.

Professional Monitoring Responds To Your Home Security Alarms

When homeowners inquire if a home security system is worth it in Phoenix, they mostly talk about the monthly payment for 24/7 security monitoring. This has a monitoring professional in charge of reacting to motion sensors, fire alarms, or other emergency alerts. And it's "on-call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you're not around to hear the ringing alarm sirens, or you don’t notice the alert pop up on your mobile device, you're still covered. Within seconds, your monitoring station contacts you to ensure everyone is safe and secure. Then they reach out to the right first responder. The reassurance of monitoring usually becomes a tipping point in deciding to install a security system in Phoenix.

A Home Security System Might Decrease Your Insurance Premiums

Many home insurances lower premiums when you install a home alarm system -- especially when your system features professional monitoring. Insurance companies could see you as a lower risk with fewer security problems, which leads to rebates. You could also find that a home security system raises your house resale value. Or at least your home will look better to other house hunters.

A Home Security System Can Protect Against More Than Invasion

Many alarm systems with linked monitoring can respond to more categories of emergencies than intrusions. Monitored fire alarms can sense both smoke and a rise in intense heat. Flood alarms can alert you of pooling water. And CO detectors can sense an overabundance of carbon monoxide. You can even carry or wear a portable panic button for medical accidents.

A Home Security System Can Make Your Day More Efficient With Home Automation

When you pair home security with home automation, your home gets perimeter protection while becoming more efficient. Systems like smart bulbs, garage door sensors, and programmable thermostats, can be linked through z-wave technology. Control all of your smart components with a home security app, like Vivint Smart Home app, and view life in a whole new way.

For example, you can set your lights to turn off, lower the thermostat, and arm your alarms when you’re at work. Then turn off your alarms, raise the garage door, and send a phone alert to your significant other when you pull up the driveway. With your automated devices, you can set what happens during security events -- like illuminating the house during a break-in or having the vent fan during a fire.

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Reasons Why A Home Security System Could Not Be Worth Pursuing In Phoenix

You Have To Arm Your System For Protection

A home security system doesn't protect you if it's not armed. By rule, you should never leave the house or turn in for the night without arming your system. But it’s simple to forget, especially when you haven’t had a problem before. Without your alarms on, a window can break or a door jimmied open without your family or the monitoring center notified.

Then again, you can set some features that help you arm your system automatically. Now you can program your doors to lock up tight at the same hour every night. Or define a boundary at the front door, so your alarms go on as you leave the house. If you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can control your security system with voice commands. Then again, some alarms, like your fire, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors, are always active.

An Active System Has A Monthly Charge

Complete home security systems that are monitored by Vivint, come with a monthly price tag for live, around-the-clock monitoring. That may seem like wasted cash to spend on a service you may not ever use. You may also need to finance the professional installation -- that is unless you find a coupon or special that reduces the bill.

However, 24/7 monitoring looks like a needed service when you consider that most break-ins occur when you're away from home. When a alarm senses motion, your monitoring station calls both you and a first responder. Even if you hurried home from your dinner out, you might see flashing lights and sirens waiting for you. And if you're on vacation, your monitoring professional makes sure services show up even though you can't get back home.

A Home Security System From Vivint Is Always Worth It

If you decide that a home security system is worth it in Phoenix, your initial step is to call Vivint. Our experts will build you the perfect security package for your needs. Just phone (602) 755-6051 or send in the form below.